Medisun Xenia UVA 1

Neurodermitis is a skin disease whose symptoms are eczema, itching, and a very dry skin. About 5 million people are affected by this disease e.g. in the Federal Republic of Germany. And the incidence is increasing. This disease often causes its victims a high degree of psychological stress. Therefore topical corticoids care mostly prescribed for quick relief, but these are often problematic when used long term.

Comprehensive fittings

  • Innovative and open casing concept
  • Maximum moving space for patients
  • No claustrophobia anymore
  • Comfortable synthetic leather matress
  • Simple cleaning, optimum hygiene
  • Latest Xenon-lamp technology
  • Reduced Energy requirement – only 5 kW instead of 25 kW
  • Enormous power savings
  • Full-body and partial exposures possible due to 6 single and individually dosed partial fields
  • Low heat development
  • No expensive exhaust air systems needed
  • No cool-down-time after exposure
  • No electric drives needed, e.g. hydraulic lift system
    As an alternative, the UVA-1 therapy (approved by many studies) is the perfect solution.
    The medisun®-UVA-1 beds are among the best-selling UVA-1 systems and are being used in many university hospitals and practices in Germany and around the world with great success.
    In about 80% of patients the UVA-1 therapy shows very good results without additional medication.
  • The innovative medisun®-XENIA bed is characterized by an energy-saving lamp techno- logy in conjunction with a modern computer control and easy operation.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Medisoft therapy management system including Remote-PC (optional).

Technical Data

MAINS 400Volt (3ph+N+PE), CEE-16A-wall socket
PC-INTERFACE Network (Ethernet), 8P8C-Plug
POWER DEMAND Approx. 5 kWh (average), 7 KWh
FUSING 3 x 16 A, separated RCD circuit breaker 0,03 A
MEASUREMENTS WxDxH 241cmx165cmx170cm
SPACE REQUIRED W 340 cm x D 300 cm x H 240 cm
PATIENT SURFACE Approx. 230 cm x 115 cm
LAMP MODULES 6 top-modules (10 spots each), 6 side-modules (2 spots each)
LAMP TYPE UV-Xenon-lamps (energysaving technology)
FILTER High performance filter glass
PROTECTION GLASS Special plastic glass as touch protection
SPEKTRAL RANGE 340 nm to 460 nm, dosage: 0 to 130 J/cm2 (reducible maximum dose)
PATIENT COOLING 6 axial fans
ROOM VENTILATION Exhaust fan with 300 m3/h adjustable or / and air conditioning
WEEE-REG.-N0.: DE 91065138

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