Medisun 2800 Innovation

The comprehensive fittings leave practically nothing to be desired. The cabin can be operated both in “stand alone” mode using an integrated Touch PC and by a network remote control with an already available remote PC from the reception.
In connection with themedisofttherapy management software,medisun 2800 Innovation offers the highest standards of safety, treatment comfort and work simplification.

Comprehensive fittings

  • 20 to 48 UV special lamps
  • UVA, UVB-311 or combination equipment
  • Touch-Panel-PC
  • Permanent-UV sensor measurement
  • Dose input in J/cm²
  • Redundant safety system
  • Indicator of remaining time in inner room
  • Patient ventilation
  • Protection from the lamps
  • Automatic stop when cabinet door is opened
  • Ergonomic lamp arrangement
  • Lamp cooling system

Technical Data

Dimensions: B 105 cm x T 115 cm x H 225 cm (Standard)
B 125 cm x T135 cm x H 225 cm (XXL)
Capacity: 5,0 kW
Weight: 400 kg
Power supply: 400 V / 3 x 16 A or (230 V / 1 x 32 A)
UV lamps: 44 x 100 W
Versions: UVA (315-400 nm)
UVB-311 (310-315 nm)
UVA- + UVB-311 (combination)
As option: medisoft-Therapy management package
Upgrade From 44 to 48 tubes UVB
On the XXL-model

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